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Indiana Fields of FEAR


The FINAL WEEKEND is approaching and we added another makeup/rain date!! See you Thursday (10/23), Friday (10/24), Saturday (10/25), AND Sunday(10/26)!!


Change has come to the fields this year, something sinister, something to FEAR!  A forgotten place, full of evil, has risen from the grave to continue their mission with the use of their blades.

In the late 1800’s, a State Hospital and Sanatorium was built. It was comprised of 15 buildings in all that were utilized to take care of newborns, the elderly and those who had lost their mental ability as well. This hospital was billed as being on the cutting edge of medicine. A true statement, as many patients experienced the blades of doctors willing to sacrifice their bodies for the greater good. Many came to the hospital with hopes of cure, but few ever left its confines, as they became another failure in the doctors’ quest for perfection. Thousands entered, thousands perished, all for the egos of those that called themselves physicians. Then in 1951, an unexplained mist fell upon the hospital grounds. When it disappeared, so did the 15 buildings and all their inhabitants. For months following, scientists searched for answers, but none were ever found for how the buildings and people could just vanish.

Sixty- three years have passed and the mist has returned bringing with it the buildings and souls of State Hospital to the Indiana Fields of Fear. Open for business once again. The mind can only wonder what ghastly medical methods await those that enter the corn. How long will the mist allow it to stay, how many bodies will it desecrate? No one knows.

Enter the Fields if you dare, for the blood of innocence is spilled everywhere!


Indiana Fields of FEAR is back for #IFoF2015!!

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